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Posh Meets Rock: Maxi Overload

I think all our daily readers know now that we ahb-solutely love doing our own DIY photo shoots. Plus, it usually comes with a theme. We don't just took pictures, right? So, this shoot's theme is Posh Meets Rock! I don't know. It sounds cool! haha!

Nina's portraying the Posh Socialite Elite and I'm(Char) portraying a Rocker Street Chic.

On Nina: Zebra-print scarf, Hot Pink plain Maxi dress, Black platform wedges
On Char: Black leather jacket, Leopard-print Maxi dress, Black strappy heels

I love how the Maxi dresses make the look sophisti-cute! It can go classy to casual in a snap! You just have to put the right accessories in according to your desired outcome.

Some Tips in wearing Maxi dresses:
1. Never pair flats with this floor-length dresses!
2. Be sure to pick the right cut and prints for your own style.
3. Be creative on wearing accessories! Necklaces, scarfs, bags, or earnings will compliment your dress.
4. If you have a curvy figure, stick to flowy and a-line maxi dresses.
5. If you're more of a model-esque type, form fitting dresses are perfect for you!
6. Always choose the one that will make you feel comfortable and speaks out your personality.
(Tips exclusively from

As for Nina, she went to a more elegant look because of her plain-colored maxi dress by adding a cute scarf and sky-high wedges! P.S. Her soft curls complete the look! :)

Here are some similar pieces that we found for this look!

Click the dresses for details!

For my look, I went Street Chic with this leopard maxi paired with a hot leather jacket (as shown above).

Few available pieces to imitate this outfit!

Click the dresses for details!

These are actually Maxi Dresses from Goddiva and is based in the UK but deliver internationally.
You can click on the dresses to see all the details like fabric, available colors and prices.

Some of Nina's favorites from Goddiva:

"The black haltered floral dress is one of my favorites because it is elegant, very feminine and since it is “haltered”, it is much more comfortable to wear than the tube maxi dresses. The second one is the peach playful patterned dress, I could wear it in casual days and it compliments my skin color.  " -Nina

Some of my favorite pieces from Goddiva:

"I love this blue evening maxi dress because it looks very glamorous and you can use it on formal parties and events. The front split and asymmetrical detail makes it look so lovely yet sexy! The color-block dress is uber sexy and is perfect for the beach or day parties! The black dress, however, is a major head-turner because of it's stunning minimalism quality. " -Char

Who says maxis are old fashioned?
This one's super cute as it folows the newest trend today -- Color Blocking

Maxi dresses aren't just for casual parties and beach trips. They can all be formal and glamorous too! Here below resembles red carpet looks of some of the Hollywood stars!

- Makes you look longer and taller instantly especially when paired with heels
- Shows your model-esque or curvy figure
-Very flowy and comfy to wear
- Every girl needs to look and feel like a woman. :)

- Can trip you if you pair it with flats
- Can sweep up all the dusts on the floor (LOL!)
- Catches attention! Wait? Is that even a disadvantage?! :))
(Pros and Cons exclusively from

*Click through the photos/dresses for more details.


Ayel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

i would love to wear maxis, kaso short ako eh, baka ndi bumagay! :) hihi. the maxis looks good on the two of you! :>

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hi Ayel! What's your height ba? :) We're short lang din ni Nina, I'm sure something will fit you right if you just pick the right cut! :)

stella said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

i love your advice on wearing long dresses :) need to pair it with heels. :D i think imma gonna try those styles too! oh and the animal print looks gorgeous on you! the scarf on nina looks comfy! ♥

Ayel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I'm 5'2" lang ahaha... I'm scared it might not look good, but i really wanna try! :)) thanks charnina!

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Ayel Guess what? I'm only 5'3" and Nina's 5" so I'm sure it'll look good on you too! :)

@Stella it'll give you that added boost in height and wearing flats with these will just make you trip! :) LOL. Thank you so much!

Ayel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Ooh, thanks Char for the tip! :) hihi, i better buy a tall sandals now. :) i love 'em! thanks so much! btw, I linked you up on my site ha, :) tc!

BEBE said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

loooovelllly dresses! :) I love the leopard printed one personally. hihihihihi.. it's soo sexyy :) kaso napapaisip ako kung babagay ba saakin kase I'm soooo thin and short. T____T

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Ayel, you better! It's a basic girl necessity to have atleast one pair of heels! LOL! :) Thaaank you and I'll link you up too :)

@Bebe, A lot of girls have been asking us if Maxis would look good on short people.. Well, we're just as short too! But we managed to rock it like we're 5'7"! :) It's all about the right cut, right fit, right style and right attitude! :) Go girl! You can work it out! :D

phyllz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I love pairing maxi dresses with heels, especially if it really goes with the dress! :)
but, I tried wearing flats (not ballet flats) with a maxi dress, and it went pretty well. I didn't trip or anything, and I'm short too... I think it really just depends on the style of the dress. :)

I love the leopard dress though, it looks so fierce together with the leather jacket! :D

and great advice! I guess there will be a major dress and sandals shopping happening soon!

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@phyllz If it goes well then that's great! :) It depends on how you carry the whole ensemble as well.. I bet you rocked it! :) Hope we could see how you styled your maxi. Share it to us by sending it on our "Share your look" form at the GET FEATURED navigation on our right sidebar! Can't wait to see it!

Thanks :)

xoxo, Char

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