Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prestige Cruises Buffet - Forget the food, enjoy the scene

What it offers?

An eat-all-you-can dinner buffet while cruising at Manila Bay. Heavenly sunset, magnificent skyline and evening cruise. Mouth watering Filipino dishes. Exclusive and sumptuous atmosphere with friendly and welcoming cruise ship crew. 

Our Experience.

We booked our buffet dinner at 7 PM and we're instructed to arrive at the area earlier than the booked schedule for registration. So we went at the area around 6:30 PM. After the registration, they gave us number. We waited until the boat docked. After the first batch of customers left the boat, they let us in chronologically depending on the number we had. Then the choice of sitting depends on a first come first serve basis.

As you can see at the photo above, the ferry has top, upper, and lower deck. Top deck was not included from the voucher we had (they said food there was different from the food they served below), so the only choice we had were the upper and lower deck. Food was served at the lower deck. Restrooms are also found at lower deck. But the view, ambiance, and tables are much more pleasing on the upper deck (on my opinion though).

We had our table at the side and our view from here is spectacular. We really enjoyed the feeling of cruising at the bay!

However, the food was truly disappointing. It is not that bad 'bad', rather it tastes ordinary; far from what they claim 'mouth-watering-dishes'. Plus, I didn't feel the 'eat-all-you-can'. The food was limited! When we finished our first plate and attempted to go down to have another round, most of the dishes are already empty. Rice, pansit, lumpia are the only dishes left. 

My Judgement.

The thing I enjoyed most was the scenery and the experience of riding a ferry while having dinner. But yes, like all the other reviews, the food is not pleasing. So if you want to enjoy your stay, ignore the food. Just enjoy the company whom you're eating with.

Prestige Cruises, Inc.
Mall of Asia Ferry Terminal, Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, in between Vikings and One Esplanade

(02) 832.8967, (0917) 525.5455, (0927) 555.5502


MaryJane Tauyan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

this looks fun! i've been to a cruise like this or yacht but never had this buffet thing! it looks like an amazing experience! x0~

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