Friday, April 5, 2013

Party Arm

"Party Arm", "Candy Arm" or "Arm Swag" is one of the big trends today on fashion blogs. Combining various mix of bracelets, blings, leather cuffs, balers, watch or what ever you want to stack in your arm all of the same time. It bring fashionable eclectic style of a once single dull bracelet. It doesn't have to be expensive but all you need is to be creative selecting bracelets that will show your unique style in stacking.

These photos are from my online store Kiat Kiat Shop.
I own this store together with my friend Chriza. Here we personally pick the items we sell. We do not only treat it like a business but it's more like a hobby to us :) so, if you have time we would appreciate a visit and browse to our Kiat Kiat Shop


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