Friday, January 25, 2013

Alternatives to dresses for evenings out

In 2013, rather than freezing in a dress on an evening out, how about considering some options that will cover you up and hide the goosebumps? Whether you are hitting the town with the girls and having a few cocktails or having a romantic evening out with your lover, you can be elegant without a dress. And, let’s face it; this winter is just too cold to be wearing a dress comfortably!

One great timeless option is a shirt. The sophistication of well-fitted women’s shirts is unmatched. The variety of materials – denim, viscose, silk, lace – means there’s a great selection to choose from. Even casual flannel shirts can be made to look classy with the right outfit and heels. For the bottoms, a safe choice is black trousers. It’s all in the colour. Black will forever be a colour that represents elegance and grace. Also, not only will these trousers cover your legs but they can be worn with everything, every colour, every fabric and every style.

Another item to top off your outfit is a leather jacket. These biker-styled jackets are massive trends this season and look amazing with studs, asymmetric zips and wide collars and lapels. Furthermore, they are great for keeping out a cold, biting wind.

If a leather jacket isn’t really your style, a lighter alternative is a great blazer. Suits are taking over this season and proving to be more feminine then people tend to think. Don’t knock them, until you’ve tried them! Pashminas and shawls are also great ways to keep warm as you stroll through the city at night. They can complement – and bring the colour out of – an outfit, and mean that you won’t need to sneakily steal your partner’s jacket in order to avoid freezing.

All in all, these aren’t just options for the winter season but great, comfortable options for all year round or for any chilly evening. Representing classiness, simplicity and comfort, you won’t even miss that beautiful dress of yours that’s so dreadful at keeping you warm.


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