Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bring Fashion to Your Home

collage photos from www.decorativ.com

Styling and fashion does not only limit to the clothes you wear or the shoes you fit. Fashion is everywhere but our inspiration starts from our very own home. The decorations and the furniture pieces you pick for your room, dormitory or home also reflect your tastes and references in styling.

Decorativ.com has affordable pieces of contemporary furniture that fits in the style of a modern woman. They offer their items online which is an advantage for our busy days. Just a click and you can browse and canvas their items straight from home! Plus, when you sign up to their website, they will offer you their products up to 70% off retail. This site will help you in finding great deals especially for larger quantity needs. You can propose for wholesale deals or contracts.

What I like about their site is that they have a clear description of their products: what they are made of, the size and dimensions, and the features of the certain product. Also, aside from their innovative designs, the quality of their products are durable and efficient.

So are you moving out? Or getting a new dorm? Visit Decorativ.com and you might find some of the coolest items you might need.


Mei said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Pangmayaman yung mga gamit. :)
I agree, parang fashion din yung home decoration. Dapat nagmamatch chuchu yung mga gamit, colors, etc. XD
Ganyang klaseng furnitures want ko pag napaayos na namin bahay namin. Sana pag dumating yung time na yun may discount pa din yang decorativ. Haha. Pero syempre malaking budget pa din kailangan jan. XD

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