Monday, July 9, 2012

A year after my eighteenth

Today's exactly a year after my 18th birthday (debut). I can't help but notice how time flies so fast. I remember when I was just panicking and stressing over party planning and now, it was already a year after that. But it was great! All our hardwork paid off and I will be treasuring it forever. See my post about my debut last year here

Turning nineteen today wasn't as extravagant as turning eighteen last year. Today was much simpler and normal. Like a normal day, actually. I went to school and went home earlier than usual. Only just a few at school knew that it was my birthday. I am even thinking of a word lesser than "few" haha. I hold no grudge or anything, though. I actually prefer to be invisible at school. I don't know why. I'm not the type who wants to be on the spotlight all the time.

I went to dinner with my family at King Bee last night. I didn't expect for a party or anything fancy as turning one more year towards the 20-zone isn't exactly what I was waiting for. Although we all know it's inevitable, I still want to cherish my time being a teenager. I never wanted to rush things (except for graduating BSA so I could take up a fashion course already! lol), you have your whole life to be a grown person but just a few years to be a kid. Why am I ranting right now? LOL!

Anyway! Since I am often busy at school and I cry every night just because I wasn't able to blog, if you have Instagram in iPhone or Android, follow me @secretcharmm for real-time updates!


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Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

HBD! <3

Clara Dita Chairunnisa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

hey! visit you here now already. will you visit and follow mine too? it was so pleasure for me. thank you there :D

Elilea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Pretty! Model na model dating ah! :)

Easybreezy Preschool said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I know this is kind of random but you look a lot like my friend sachi you are very pretty by the way and I hope you had a great birthday!

Joy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Your dresses were gorgeous!

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Elilea haha thanks!

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Thank you @Joy

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Thanks! @Easybreezy Preschool

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