Monday, October 10, 2011

Shoes, Yogurt and Paparazzi!

Trinoma: shoes, yogurt and paparazzi!

The main reason why we went to Trinoma is to buy shoes. CMG is having a sale; buy one take one for 1000 or 1400 pesos.
My first choice are these blue denim pumps and nude super high wedges. The blue denim pumps fits me perfectly but the nude super high wedges are size 8! so even though I like it very much, if it doesn't fits me I can't do anything about it haha. I need to choose another one, I found this purple strapped floral wedge. I thought that this is cute and will match any casual clothes. 
These are the shoes I bought :D

Char patiently waiting and helping me to choose shoes. 

This photo was taken after I bought the shoes. grabe, shopping na shopping, di ako sanay haha I was laughing because I'm not use to buying shoes for myself, my mom usually buys shoes for me, she's the one who pays for it, It felt different buying shoes using my own savings. haha masakit kasi sa bulsa!

Char is wearing her military green textured top, black leggings from RAF, black strapped sandals from Una Rosa, bazaar accessories and green Kimbel bag

I am wearing a blue top, jeans, my zebra shoes, silver accessories and bag from Tomato

These shots look like we were in Alice and Wonderland!

Char's nails <3
White rose frosted nail polish with red hand-painted heart on the ring finger

After a long walk and some few shots we went to Red Mango

It's my first time eating yogurt ice cream, I thought yogurts are meant to be sour, but this Red Mango's  ice cream yogurt taste quite really sweet! And this is the actual photo of my first ever tikim to the yogurt :>

Char's yogurt toppings: blueberry, corn flakes, and peaches
Nina's yogurt toppings: mango, mango, and mango haha

YUM! finished


While I was taking photos of Char, I notice the guy behind her was also taking our pictures!
Every time I took a photo, he also took a shot
I told Char that someone was taking our picture, I focused the guy on my camera and showed it to her afterwards.
Char and I was really laughing so hard, we had our 1st ever paparazzi HAHA!
And up until now we're confused why he's taking our pictures! We also wonder where will he publish it. Haha!


Pauline said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Me tooo, I've never tasted frozen yougurt before. Oh wait, I have. :) Because BTIC is a frozen yogurt store, and BTIC is one of my favorite ice-cream store when I was a kid. Well, I didn't know that BTIC was a frozen yogurt store until I got to read their banner a couple of weeks ago. Lulz. :)) share.

And LOL to that "paparazzi" of your's. Haha. :)) I think he's gonna use it in an article about... like "Trinoma: A good place to eat, shop, and take pictures!" or maybe "People enjoying the beautiful sceneries of Trinoma." Lulz. :))

Cris said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

OMG! Do they still have the promo? i wnet there a while a go but haven't pass et the CMG T_T

Cris said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

BTW i followed u hope u do the same :)

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Pauline thanks for sharing! GAH I didn't know that yogurts can be that sweet. May be we could also go BTIC to eat yogurt sometimes :) hihi

@Cris, sure I'll check your blog :) uhmm we went there 1 week ago, I'm not sure if they still have the promo. :(

Rainy Martini said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Ohhh Char. I lovelovelove your outfit. Perfect for shopping. AND THE SHOES. OH god those shoes /dies

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@rainy martini :) Thank you so much! Cool shoes, right? It's a gift from my birthday! By i chose the design :) lol.

ladyyy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

love the shoesssss~!!!

Ayel said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

i wanna buy those shoes too! i mean 1000 buy 1 take 1 is such a good deal!!!! i wonder if there's CMG nearby... or i'm just too lazy to go look. (-___-)

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@ladyyy thank you sisy! :D

@Ayel uhm I don't know, we bought it from Trinoma branch, I think they are only having clearance sale that time, sorry I cant help :(

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