Thursday, August 4, 2011

Char and Nina on Chalk Magazine Aug '11 ish!

For winning the Pond's Sis Code Photo Contest last June, we had -- as one of our prizes, an amazing photoshoot at a certain studio in Makati on June 26, 2011 to be published on Chalk Magazine sponsored by Plains & Prints for clothes, Forever 21 for accessories (stylist's own) and shoes from the stylist as well. We also had a makeover for the photoshoot on the day itself! Yipee! 

Here are the behind-the-scene shots on our first-ever professional shoot together! Yipee!

Our photographer setting up the studio
The set!

The winners

(left) Girlie, Shereeda, Nina and Char

Shereeda getting her make over

Nina's before make-up look

Chatting with the crew

Nina's outfit from Plains & Prints!

Nina, getting dolled up!

Nina's ready to go!
My (Char) turn to be pretty! LOL!

Nina taking behind-the-scenes shot!
I wanna have this make-up mirror! LOL!

First pair of best friends to have their photo shoot

We're all dressed up!

Our turn for the Photoshoot!

How sweet! :">

Work it!

After the shoot. T'was tiring but very fun!

We had a chance to have our picture taken with the Pond's crew!
Stylist, Photog, Hair MakeUp Artist, Chalk Representative, Char and Nina, Pond's Representative
Patrick of Pond's with Char and Nina

The winners! 3 pairs of best friends!
(Left to right) KC, Joanna, Char and Nina, Girlie, Shereeda
A long ride on the way home, we were still a little vain so Nina and I took a few shots while we still had our make up on. The HMUA did a great job on us! :)

My shocked expression! :))

Mah Face Shot! Haha!
Nina's Face Shot!

The Clara-Mara look! :))

Awesome lock-jaw effect! Joke! Haha!

Our eyeshadows! Haha!

Nina's dad who drove us to the shoot! Thanks Tito! :)

Here it is! We've been waiting for this for so long!
Chalk Magazine August 2011 issue is already out in the market. We made sure that we each got a copy of it so that we could save it for treasuring. LOL.

Hope you grab a copy too! :)

Our blog ( is even featured here! If you can see on the lower left of the page.

We were interviewed and asked a few questions like "How did you two meet?", "Tell us about your blog", "Words of advice for other sisters" and such.
Articles are on Tagalog, Let me know if you'd like to understand what we answered on the interview! :)
I'll translate it to English if somebody requested on the comment section (Right below the title of this post or below the post itself). 

*HMUA - Hair and Make Up Artist

Special Thanks to the Pond's Crew:
Photography by: Marg Javier
Words by: Punky Dario
Make-up Artist: Ria Gamboa
Styling by: Eds Cabral
Clothes by: Plains & Prints 


Aya Prita B. Lovalley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Oh my gosh! You guys are AMAZING! Really amazing! You guys are lucky! :D

april ^^ said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

wow u guys are famous :)

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@aya - thank you. i love that word -- AMAZING! Take care aya! :)

@april - hihih not really. we just ended up on half of the spread. :)) but thanks :)

Lmyx said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Wow! you're on a magazine!! :)

Yesha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Congrats to both of you :) Nice shots ^ ^

Keep it up pretties <3

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

hi charmane and nina! c abby bai to. hehe.
nice one! ang gaganda nyo..nagbunga na ang efforts nyo. haha
now you're on chalk magazine. :)
i just want to congratulate you guys. parang mga models na talga kayo. haha :)
stay pretty! keep it up! :)

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hi abby!! Thaaank you so much for visiting! Tska thank you din ulit!! You're so sweet :)


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